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ITakeMyReligionSeriouslyThe title above serves also as the title of a collection of cartoons by the late Charles M. Schulz. Best known for his beloved "Peanuts" strip, Mr. Schulz also published a series of cartoons in "Youth" and "Reach" magazines for teen Christians. These frames featured a young man in his teens with problems you might imagine Linus having at that age. This unnamed youth hopes to be a minister some day and takes his religion seriously.
As did Charles Schulz. Anyone who has seen "A Charlie Brown Christmas" can gather that, privately, Mr. Schulz was an unapologetic Biblicist. In the introduction to I Take My Religion Seriously, (Warner Press, 1989), Dan Harman calls "Sparky" "a kind person who cares and acts and lives a marvelous life".
It is a wonderful book, full of the same precise, unflinching, yet compassionate honesty about the life of faith we've all come to appreciate when he writes about life in general. Although I can't reprint the wonderful drawings, below are some of the punch lines I hope you'll enjoy, and ponder.

I take my religion seriously – I get into arguments almost every day.
I see this is "spiritual life emphasis week" at church. I wonder what we emphasize the rest of the time?
I used to consider myself an authority on the book of Revelation – until I met somebody who'd actually read it.
Here's the church, and here's the steeple, now open the door and...see how few turned out for Wednesday evening services.
Oh Yeah! Well my Bible has more underlined passages than your Bible.
In the early days persecuted Christians used to hide in their catechisms – no, that doesn't sound right.
I'm sorry I wasn't able to study for this morning's Sunday School lesson – the zipper on my Bible was stuck.
For four long weeks we've been planning the youth group picnic, and now we have to call it on account of rain. What I want to know is WHICH ONE OF YOU SINNED!
I've decided after college, Dad, instead of seminary, I want to try and become a prophet of doom.
I find the Bible fairly easy to understand. What confuses me is theology.
Charles M. Schulz (1922-2000)

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